Awesome Small Garden Ideas


There's really no space that's too small when it comes to creating a garden, whether that's for an outdoor space or an indoor one. Some of the best ways to create a great small garden are to use containers as opposed to planting directly in the ground, and to consider creating vertical gardens when you have more wall space available than anything else.


There are tons of different plants that are great for planting in the different types of small space options, and which you choose is a matter of personal preference as well as dependent on the type of containers that you have room for.


One great option for a small garden idea is creating an herb garden in your kitchen. Some people like to do this in small pots along their kitchen windowsill, but there are other options as well. You can also create a vertical garden on a kitchen wall using a trellis and then affix the pots to that, or you could even hang rods in front of a window and simply hand the plants on those. Get small garden ideas here!


When you have the herb garden near the kitchen sink it makes watering them incredibly easy, which is a good thing since small pots tend to require more water then plants do when they are planted outdoors in a garden. Another thing is that it can be easier to forget about a small garden compared to a large garden, so when they are kept in eyesight or in a common area there is little to no chance that you will actually forget anything. Of course with herb gardens another obvious benefit of having them in the kitchen is that you will be more likely to use those herbs in your kitchen, which of course is part of the point of having them! Get patio garden ideas here!



Vertical wall gardens work for more than just herb gardens though, you can use them for any type of small potted plants that you might want. The same goes for putting plants in the windowsill as long as they like the sunlight. When you're using very small pots you don't have to worry much about which plants are comfortable being potted together, but when you get into the territory of slightly larger plants that is something to think about. Different plant prefer different types of water and sun and they should be potted accordingly so that they stay happy. For more facts and information regarding small space gardening, you can go to